New Shirt with a Cause: Super Wonderful

I’m so excited to tell you about my new t-shirt. It’s more than a t-shirt. It serves a bigger mission. Through this shirt together we will make a difference because All proceeds of this shirt are helping to fund the next “Little Praise Party” album (Stay tuned for more on that.) You get to be a part

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Annual Birthday Sale

Hello friends,A number of years ago I started something on a whim and it has become one of my favorite things of the year. July 16th is my birthday so I offer my biggest discount of the year to YOU. It’s a great time for you to stock up on music for your HOME, worship resources for your CHURCH, my s

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PODCAST Creating a Culture of Worship for Every Generation

Watch (or listen) to these powerful podcasts as Yancy breaks down how to create and build a culture of worship that grows thru every generation.Part 1Part 2++++++++I wanted to share these two podcasts with you as I feel they captured my heart in such a strong way. The host, Carl Barnhill, has create

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Waffles & Wiggles: Preschool Concerts – Creating Family Memories

A couple years ago after taking my own son to a Paw Patrol Live event here in Nashville, I realized that parents want to create memories with their children. They will spend money, time, energy and even endure the inconvenience of parking and travel to go to an event where they can create a fun time

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VBS Music 2019 Song List

Time has gotten away from me this year in making a supplemental VBS song list but here it is. This list of songs includes ten different VBS curriculums out there. Thanks for considering these suggested songs based on content and themes. I love being your partner in ministry! I am so grateful to all

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Monuments…And The In-Between on I-24

At some point the past year I came across a song called “Monuments”. It’s lyrics blew me away and stopped me in my tracks from the very first listen.“One look at what You’ve doneIs A glimpse of what’s to comeEvery miracle, Every step of faithEvery victory, rises up to sayWe are the monumentsOf Your

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I Did A New Thing: Countdowns

I decided to try something new. This something new is because time is ticking away, literally! Meet my new COUNTDOWNS:Super Wonderful Countdown (extra perfect for your next superhero themed event or series)Strength & Shield Countdown (high energy, colorful, and perfect for your next worship service,

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Prophecy, TobyMac And The Church

A little back story for this post…last May I was attending a conference and one of the Pastors at the church walked up and gave me a word about me flowing in the gift of prophetic. I’ll be honest at first I didn’t really understand what that meant or looked like for me. Not imagining me walking up t

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CPC 19

It was a joy to speak and share with leaders at INCM’s Children’s Pastor’s Conference in Orlando. Here are the notes from my sessions.Click the links below to download the PDFs.Getting Boys to sing, and Problem Solving Your Worship Challenges: Getting-Boys-to-Sing-and-Problem-Solving-Your-Worship-

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The Year in Review

How quickly this 2018 year flew by! When we stop and recount the ways that God has been faithful we are filled with thanks and celebration. He has proven over and over again that He is a super big, super strong, super wonderful God!· Much of the year was spent writing and producing a curriculu

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