Choose three people to call on the telephone. If your kids are young enough, it may be an adventure to just let them use the phone all by themselves! If the person answers, just tell them you were doing an experiment to see who would answer when you call. Have your kids thank them for answering.

After all the phone numbers have been called, talk about how many people answered. Discuss how it felt to talk to those people and how happy it made your children to know their friends answered when they saw your name (or picture) calling.

Explain that you can’t call Jesus on a phone, but anytime you do call out to Him in prayer, even just in your heart, He answers. Listen to “Call” together, and if your children are interested, ask if they are ready to call on Jesus to make Him Lord of all.

If your children have already called on the Lord for salvation, remind them that Jesus is still there ready to answer all of their prayers. He hasn’t forgotten them or their call to Him.