Sticky nametags or paper and pens/markers


Give everyone a nametag (or a piece of paper), and let each person write his/her name. Then, pass the nametags/papers around to the rest of the family to write other affirming descriptive words (or pictures) about each person (e.g., tells the best jokes, makes yummy muffins, gives me hugs, plays ball with me, helps me when I’m tired, etc.).

When everyone has received their nametags back, let them read it for everyone to hear. Comment on how those words really do describe each person.

Then listen to “No Other Name,” and talk about some of the words that describe Jesus: (e.g., Savior, Lord, Healer, sword, sweet, powerful, etc.). Make another nametag with Jesus’ name, and add the words from the song and other descriptions that are meaningful to each person in your family.