Pen/pencil, paper


Explain that prayer is simply talking to God. Jesus gave us the example of the Lord’s Prayer, and we can use it to help us pray. Read the Lord’s Prayer (see below), and ask your children which parts stand out to them (e.g., the bread? delivering us from evil? forgiving? etc.).

Have everyone write a letter to God using some of the interesting parts they picked out as a guide. If you have non-writers, they can draw a picture, or you can write one letter as a family.

Help your family memorize the Lord’s Prayer. Make up motions (or use suggestions below):

Our father who is in Heaven (point up)

Hallowed be Your name (put hands in circle over head like a halo to show “hallowed”)

Your kingdom and will be done (bow majestically as if bowing before a king)

On earth as in heaven we pray (praying hands)

Give us our daily bread (pretend to eat)

Forgive our sins, O Lord (fold hands and shake as if you are pleading)

Help us choose to forgive (hands down as if about to lift someone up or receive them)

those that have sinned against us (turn head away as if not looking at something sinful)

Lead us not to temptation (cross arms over chest and shake head no)

Deliver us from evil (make a scary face)

All honor, power, and glory are Yours (hands up to worship).

For more fun, try doing the motions with the music, or try doing it from memory, and see how fast you can go.