Child: Jesus, pick me. My hand is up. I want in. I will live for You. I believe in Your name, in its power. Your name is above all. Show me where You want me to go, and I will go in Your name. Help me to love in Your name today. Amen.

Parent: Lord, teach me Your ways so I can be a model for my family. Please, call on us, give us the strength to be obedient, to look only to You. Make the words of this song the cry of our hearts and the subject of our conversations. Your name has power; I ask You, as a co-heir with Your Son, Jesus, to allow me to exercise my authority and release Your power over our family. Anoint us with Your touch; show us Your promises to use in battle. Protect us as we chase after Your stories. We give You all the glory. Amen.