Find an open area where each person takes a turn spinning in place. Try it first without the spotting technique, and let everyone feel the disorientation and dizziness it causes. Then help your child attempt spotting by giving him/her a point to focus on. You can hold an object up and teach them to lock their eyes on that object with each turn. After everyone takes a turn, gather in a circle to talk about your experience.

Was there a difference between spinning without a focus and spinning with a focus?

Parents, your kid(s) can learn more about how to grow in their faith when they see how you grow. Share about a time in your life where you didn't keep your focus on God. How did you feel about your situation? Then compare that with a time you DID keep your focus on God. How did you feel in that situation?

Invite your kid(s) to share where they feel their focus is more on themselves and not on God.

In order to be who God wants me to be, I've got to see what God wants me to see.

I can see what God wants me to see when I focus on Him.