What is this?

That’s right; it’s my cell phone. What all can I do with this phone? I can use it to get on the Internet; to check Facebook™; to read my email; and, of course, I can use it to make phone calls, right?

Who can I call on my phone?

I can call grandma, grandpa, the pastor at church, my friends at work. I can even call you!

Where can I use my phone?

That’s right! I can use my phone here at home, while I’m in the car, at Wal-Mart™, even on a boat. I can use it just about anywhere.

I have one last question. Could I call anyone I want to just by dialing any number? For example, could I call the president of the United States just by randomly picking a number?

Nope, I could not. To call someone, you have to know his or her number, right?

Did you know that you could call on God? I don’t think God has a phone like this, but you can talk to Him. And He has even given us His number. His number is J-E-S-U-S. What does that spell?

God sent Jesus to the earth to die for our sins. Jesus died and rose from the dead. Today He lives with God in heaven. If we believe with our hearts in Jesus, we can talk to God and have a relationship with Him.

This devotional was written by:

Ryan and Beth Frank

Ryan and Beth Frank are veterans in children’s ministry. They served as children’s pastors for fifteen years. They are also the leaders of KidzMatter and publishers of K! magazine. They reside in Converse, Indiana, with their two daughters, Luci and Londyn. You may connect with Ryan and Beth on their blog: