(Have some play dough or blocks handy.)

Did you know that God is so much more than our friend? He is our King; He is our Lord; and He is our Creator. Let’s create something. What I want you to do is make something out of blocks or play dough; and while you are doing that, let me read to you from the Bible about what nature says about God:

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge.

Psalm 19:1,2 niv

Great job making your creations, kids! Let me ask you this. Whose creation is that? That’s right; it’s yours. You own it because you created it, and because God created us, we belong to Him. One of the reasons we need to understand Jesus as our Creator is because He created us, so we belong to Him. We are His. Since God made us and we belong to Him, we will never be happy or completely fulfilled in life if we are living for someone or something other than God. We were created to glorify God and to find our fulfillment and joy in Him alone.

Let me ask you another question. The play dough/block creation you made and own—why did you make it? What did you want it to do? When you create a rocket ship, you want it to fly, right? Or when you create a house, you expect that your toy people will live in it. God did the same thing for us. He created us for a purpose. He wants us to use the gifts and the abilities He has given us to glorify Him, and to tell the whole world how great He is. It says in Psalms that the heavens (the stars and the sky) declare the glory of God and show off how great God is. (Ps. 19:1.)

Kids, when we understand how much God loves us, when we understand that we are His and that He created us on purpose to do great things for Him; it changes how we live. God made us so we can live in Him and find our joy in Him.

This devotional was written by:

Sam Luce

Sam has served as the children's pastor at Redeemer Church in Utica, New York, for fourteen years where he currently serves as campus pastor. He has been doing children's ministry as a volunteer and full-time pastor for the last twenty-three years. He has written magazine articles, contributed to book projects, and has been blogging since 2007 at