Have you ever read a really great story? Maybe it was a story about a superhero flying through the air to save someone, or maybe it was a story about a princess that rode a white horse. Maybe the stories you love the most are the stories you hear at church. There are some great stories in the Bible. There is one about a little kid defeating a giant, a huge river parting in two so that people could walk across, and even a story about a huge boat with animals all over the place!

Did you know that you have a story too? You have a story to tell about how Jesus came to save you. You have a story to tell about how God will always help you. You have a story about how Jesus will be your friend forever. When you tell these stories, it makes you happy and joyful.

Joyful is a word we use to describe when we are so super excited about something that everyone around us can tell just by looking at us.

Remember that little kid who defeated the giant? He said once that his heart was so filled with joy that the joy burst out of his heart with songs! When we tell the stories about what God is doing, it gives us a super-power strength. The joy of the Lord is what makes us strong and powerful. So go ahead and tell your story, and tell it with dancing and singing and clapping and every which way you can imagine. When you do, your joy will be on display for all to see.

This devotional was written by:

Jonathan Cliff

Jonathan Cliff is the director of family ministries at Athens Church, a North Point strategic partner, in Athens, Georgia. At Athens Church, Jonathan leads a great team of leaders ministering to preschoolers, children, and students. His wife, Starr, and he have three children, and they have been actively involved in foster care with many other children over the years.