You’ve played tag or hide-and-go-seek before, right? You have to run as fast as you can to get to “base.” Why was base so important? Base was the only place where “it” can’t get you. You could not get out if you made it to base. You could not get tagged. When you ran to base, you were safe.

Base is nice and safe when you are playing a fun playground game, but what about in real life when there are scary things that come up? Do you have a place that helps you feel safe? Maybe your bedroom is your safe place, or maybe a hug from your mom or grandpa makes you feel protected.

There are some scary things in this world. Some kids are afraid of the dark or of spiders or of being alone. Some kids are afraid of storms, or some worry that there are monsters in the closet. There are things that even scare grown-ups. Everyone has times when they are afraid. We all need a safe place.

The Bible tells us that we have a safe place that is better than a room or a hug. The Bible tells us that God is our safe place. His name is so great and awesome that it is like a strong tower. It is so good to know that even in a world that can be scary, there is a God who is taking care of us. He is bigger than the dark. He is bigger than big dogs. He is bigger than terrible storms. He is bigger and stronger than anything that makes us afraid.

We don’t have to live life afraid. We can be bold and know that He is protecting us. When we do get scared, we can run to Him. When scary things are going on, we know we are not alone. He is with us, and He is watching over us.

So the next time you feel afraid, call out His name. Let Him be your strong tower. Run to Him, and know that you are safe.

This devotional was written by:

Jenny Funderburke

Jenny Funderburke is the wife of her favorite computer geek and the mama to the three cutest and craziest girls on the planet. She serves as minister to children at West Bradenton Baptist Church in Bradenton, Florida. Her passion is to see the church reach families and make disciples around the world and to see volunteers growing in passion for what God’s called them to do. She also blogs about her random kidmin thoughts at